Abstract # 3044 Differences in Dose-volumetric Data between Heterogeneity Correction Algorithms for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer: Is there Any Impact of the Algorithms on Local Control?

Presenter: Matsuo, Yukinori

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Means in all patients under BPL, AAA and NC were 48.0 Gy, 48.4 Gy and 44.6 Gy in isocenter dose, 46.4 Gy, 44.5 Gy and 42.5 Gy in ITV]D95, 45.4 Gy, 42.6 Gy and 41.5 Gy in ITV]Min, 47.8 Gy, 46.8 Gy and 44.4 Gy in ITV]Mean, 45.3 Gy, 42.3 Gy and 41.3 Gy in PTV]D95, 42.6 Gy, 39.0 Gy and 38.9 Gy in PTV]Min, and 47.5 Gy, 45.7 Gy and 44.1 Gy in PTV]Mean, respectively. Significant differences were observed except between BPL and AAA in isocenter dose and between AAA and NC in PTV]Min. Local recurrence was observed in 6 patients, and the remaining 48 patients were thought to be locally controlled. Mean volumes of ITV and PTV were 23.2 cc and 47.2 cc in the local recurrence group, and 15.5 cc and 37.5 cc in the local control group, respectively. The differences in the volumes were not significant (P = 0.127 in ITV volume, and P = 0.126 in PTV volume). No significant difference between the local recurrence group and the local control group was observed under any of the three conditions of heterogeneity correction.