Abstract # 2938 A New Positron Emission Tomography with Semiconductor Detectors for Target Volume Delineation and Radiotherapy Treatment Planning in Patients with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma

Presenter: Katoh, Norio

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Average volume of GTVnew was 16.6 ml (range: 4.9-31.6), and average volume of GTVconv was 29.9 ml (range: 10.6-63.0). Volume of GTVnew was significantly smaller than that of GTVconv (p=0.028). The maximum dose and mean dose between PTVnew and PTVconv did not show statistically significant differences. In the radiotherapy treatment plan using GTVnew, the average maximum dose of CC was 2077 cGy (range: 1860-2260) and that of BS was 1475 cGy (range: 586-2186). In the plan using GTVconv, the average maximum dose of CC was 2251 cGy (range: 2163-2340) and that of BS was 1728 cGy (range: 664-2191). Compared with GTVconv, using GTVnew significantly reduced the maximum dose of CC (p=0.028) and BS (p=0.028).