Abstract # 2418 Bladder Filling Status Strongly Influences Target Volume Changes in Post-hysterectomy Patients Treated with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for Gynecologic Cancers

Presenter: Thawani, Nitika

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Bony anatomy correlation was confirmed after fusion of three scans using DICOM coordinates. No patients developed UTI from placement of foley catheter. Rectal volumes between the CT‐FB and CT‐RS showed an excellent correlation (R=0.93). Bladder volumes (mean, range in ml) were ‐ EB‐74.1, 25‐188; FB‐ 311, 302‐393; RS‐131, 55‐313. Mean overlap volume for CTV‐EB and CTV‐FB was 48% (Range 8‐70%). CTV‐RS overlap with ITV was 100%. Margin expansion needed for CTV‐RS to completely include ITV was 10 mm (9 pts), 15 mm (7 pts), 20 mm‐ (5 pts), 25 mm‐ (3 pts) and 30 mm (1 pt). The uniform margin expanded volume was larger than ITV by 20% on an average (range 9‐41%)

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