Abstract # 2728 Chemotherapy and Dose-adapted Radiotherapy (RT) for Central Nervous System (CNS) Germinoma: Long Term Follow-up of the Mayo Clinic Experience

Presenter: Jensen, Ashley

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A retrospective chart review identified 28 patients diagnosed with CNS germinoma on the basis of biopsy or imaging with appropriate serum markers and treated with chemotherapy followed by RT between 1989-2007. Five patients were female. Median age was 16 years (range 9-42). Tumor locations were isolated suprasellar (n=9) isolated pineal (n=8) multiple intracranial (n=6) and spinal leptomeningeal or positive CSF cytology (n=5). Patients who had less than a complete response to chemotherapy (n=7) underwent surgical resection and were included in analysis if pathologic examination of the specimen demonstrated residual germinoma (n=2) scar tissue (n=1) or teratoma without malignant features (n=4). Serum hCG levels were <50 IU/dL in 23 patients (range 0-4.1) and unknown in 5. CSF hCG levels were <50 IU/dL in 20 patients (range 0-17) and unknown in 8. Serum AFP was <10 IU/L in 24 patients (range 0-6) and unknown in 4. CSF AFP was <2 IU/L in 20 patients (range 0-2.5) and unknown in 8.