Abstract # 2418 Bladder Filling Status Strongly Influences Target Volume Changes in Post-hysterectomy Patients Treated with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for Gynecologic Cancers

Presenter: Thawani, Nitika

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Twenty]five post]hysterectomy (20 Endometrium and 5 cervix cancer) patients treated with IMRT for gynecologic cancers were included for this study. External motion was eliminated by using vaccum immobilization device for all patients. At the time of treatment planning CT]simulation, a Foley catheter was placed and clamped immediately. Three serial scans were obtained] 1.Random filling (CT]RS) 2. Empty bladder (CT]EB) 3. Filled bladder (CT]FB)]after instillation of 300 ml sterile normal saline. The target volumes (CTV]EB, CTV]RS, CTV]FB), bladder (EB, RS, FB) and rectum (ER, RR, FR) were contoured manually on each scan by the same operator .CTV]EB and CTV]FB were fused to create an internal target volume (ITV), CTV] RS was serially expanded to assess margins needed for coverage of the entire volume change.

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