Abstract # 3222 Radiosensitization Effects of Citrate-stabilized Au Nanoparticles

Presenter: Chithrani, Devika

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About the Presenter:
I did my undergraduate studies in Sri Lanka and received a fellowship to come to Canada to do my M.Sc. degree in 1997 at the university of Toronto. I joined department of materials science and engineering at University of Toronto in 1999 to do my Ph.D. and I was financially supported by NSERC and National Research council, Ottawa, Canada. I was received a NSERC fellowship to do my post-doctoral research work at dept. of biomedical engineering, university of Toronto. I was interested in using gold nanoparticles as a versatile biomedical platform to smoothen the interface between biomedical field and nanotechnology. My research work related to my post-doctoral work is published in Nano Letters journal and ACS publications has declared those papers as one of the most read articles. Right now I work as a scientific associate at university health network, Canada, and am working with a team of experts on incorporating field of nanotechnology into radiation medicine program
Contact the presenter at: devika.chithrani@rmp.uhn.on.ca

D. B. Chithrani1, S. Jelveh2, J. Chow1, C. J. Allen3, R. P. Hill2, D. A. Jaffray1, 1University Health Network, Toronto, ON, Canada, 2Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto, ON, Canada, 3Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto, ON, Canada

Author Disclosure:
 D.B. Chithrani, None; S. Jelveh, None; J. Chow, None; C.J. Allen, None; R.P. Hill, None; D.A. Jaffray, None.

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