Abstract # 3213 Vorinostat Enhances the Radiosensitivity of a Breast Cancer Brain Metastatic Cell Line Grown In Vitro and as Intracerebral Xenografts

Presenter: Baschnagel, Andrew

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About the Presenter:
I am 4th year medical student at the University at Buffalo. I recently finished a CRTP research fellowship at the NIH and I am currently applying for a radiation oncology residency position.

A. Baschnagel, A. Russo, W. E. Burgan, D. Carter, K. Beam, P. Tofilon, D. Palmieri, P. S. Steeg, K. Camphausen, National Cancer Institute, NIH, Bethesda, MD

Author Disclosure:
 A. Baschnagel, None; A. Russo, None; W.E. Burgan, None; D. Carter, None; K. Beam, None; P. Tofilon, None; D. Palmieri, None; P.S. Steeg, None; K. Camphausen, None.

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