Abstract # 3150 A Novel Breast Carcinoma Stromal Response Defined by the Nodular Fasciitis Gene Signature

Presenter: Cho, Nam

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N. K. Cho1,2, A. H. Beck2, I. Espinosa2, K. Montgomery2, S. Zhu2, M. van de Rijn2, R. B. West3,2, 1Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University Cancer Center, Stanford, CA, 2Department of Pathology, Stanford University Medical Center, Stanford, CA, 3Pathology and Laboratory Service, Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Health Care System, Palo Alto, CA

Author Disclosure:
 N.K. Cho, None; A.H. Beck, None; I. Espinosa, None; K. Montgomery, None; S. Zhu, None; M. van de Rijn, None; R.B. West, None.

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