Abstract # 3085 A Metric for Measuring the Similarity of Contours Drawn to Create Treatment Planning Structures

Presenter: Boyer, Arthur

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About the Presenter:
I began my training as a medical physicist while I was a graduate student in the Physics Department at Rice University supported by a scholarship from the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (1963-1970). I received further training as a Post-doctoral Fellow at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (1970-1971). I was certified by the American Board of Radiology as a Therapeutic Radiological Physicist (December 14,1978). I have worked in the radiation oncology departments at The Massachusetts General Hospital (1971-1978: Assistant Professor, Harvard School of Medicine), The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio (1978-1986: Assistant Professor, UTHSCSA), The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (1986-1995: Professor), the Stanford University School of Medicine (1995-2005: Professor with tenure), and Scott and White Healthcare (2005 present: Professor TAMU School of Medicine). I have published over one-hundred peer-reviewed papers in radiation oncology physics. I am a Fellow of the AAPM (1995) and ASTRO (2007). I was awarded the William D. Coolidge Award by the AAPM in 2007.

A. L. Boyer1, S. Kaylor2, D. McCune3, 1Scott & White Memorial Hospital, Temple, TX, 2Stanford Cancer Center, Stanford, CA, 3Universal Mind, Westfield, MA

Author Disclosure:
A.L. Boyer, RadOnc eLearning, LLC, E. Ownership Interest; S. Kaylor, Radonc eLearning, LLC, E. Ownership Interest; D. McCune, RadOnc eLearning,LLC, E. Ownership Interest.

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