Abstract # 3010 Can We Perform Kilovolt Cone-beam CT Imaging during Radiotherapy?

Presenter: Nakagawa, Keiicih

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K. Nakagawa1, H. Yamashita1, K. Shiraishi1, H. Igaki1, A. Terahara1, K. Ohtomo1, S. Saegusa1, T. Shiraki1, T. Oritate1, K. Yoda2, 1University of Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo, Japan, 2Elekta KK, Kobe, Japan

Author Disclosure:
  K. Nakagawa, Elekta KK, B. Research Grant; H. Yamashita, None; K. Shiraishi, None; H. Igaki, None; A. Terahara, None; K. Ohtomo, None; S. Saegusa, None; T. Shiraki, None; T. Oritate, None; K. Yoda, Elekta KK, A. Employment.

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