Abstract # 2956 A Simple Method to Significantly Reduce Treatment Time for Head and Neck IMRT

Presenter: Morgan, Peter

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About the Presenter:
My name is Peter Morgan and I am a 4th year radiation oncology resident at Fox Chase Cancer Center. I am a Houstonian looking to return home at the end of my residency in July 2009.
Contact the presenter at: peter.morgan@fccc.edu

P. B. Morgan1, N. Kuritzky2, R. A. Price1, N. Nicolaou1, E. Ross1, S. Li2, C. T. Miyamoto2, B. Micaily2, S. Feigenberg1, 1Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA, 2Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Author Disclosure:
 P.B. Morgan, None; N. Kuritzky, None; R.A. Price, None; N. Nicolaou, None; E. Ross, None; S. Li, None; C.T. Miyamoto, None; B. Micaily, None; S. Feigenberg, None.

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