Abstract # 2941 Atlas-based Auto-segmentation of CT Images in Head and Neck Cancer; What is the Best Approach?

Presenter: Hoogeman, Mischa

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M. S. Hoogeman1, X. Han2, D. Teguh1, P. Voet1, P. Nowak1, T. Wolf2, L. Hibbard2, B. Heijmen1, P. Levendag1, 1Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2CMS Inc, St. Louis, MO

Author Disclosure:
 M.S. Hoogeman, None; X. Han, Employee, A. Employment; D. Teguh, None; P. Voet, None; P. Nowak, None; T. Wolf, Employee, A. Employment; L. Hibbard, Employee, A. Employment; B. Heijmen, None; P. Levendag, None.

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