Abstract # 2914 Accuracy and Consistency in the Identification of a Novel Non-migrating Fiducial Marker in CT Images

Presenter: Djemil, Toufik

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T. Djemil1, D. Schifter2, A. Mahadevan1, D. Alezra3, R. Pfeffer3, R. Shofti4, A. Zaretzky4, R. Macklis1, B. Corn2, 1Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH, 2Tel Aviv Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel, 3Sheba Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel, 4Technion, Jerusalem, Israel

Author Disclosure:
 T. Djemil, None; D. Schifter, None; A. Mahadevan, None; D. Alezra, None; R. Pfeffer, None; R. Shofti, None; A. Zaretzky, None; R. Macklis, Roger Macklis, F. Consultant/Advisory Board; B. Corn, Ben Corn, F. Consultant/Advisory Board.

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