Abstract # 2858 Accuracy of Prostate Rotation Measurement Based on 3 Implanted Fiducial Markers

Presenter: Neustadter, David

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About the Presenter:
David Neustadter has a PhD in Biomedical engineering from Case Western Reserve University. He is currently the VP Innovations at Navotek Medical Ltd.
Contact the presenter at: david.n@navotek.com

D. Neustadter1, T. Djemil2, A. Mahadevan2, D. Schifter3, R. Macklis2, B. Corn3, 1Navotek Medical Ltd., Yokneam, Israel, 2The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH, 3Tel Aviv Medical Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

Author Disclosure:
  D. Neustadter, David Neustadter is an employee of Navotek, A. Employment; Research supported by Navotek, B. Research Grant; David Neustadter owns shares in Navotek, E. Ownership Interest; T. Djemil, None; A. Mahadevan, Arul Mahadevan is a consultant for

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