Abstract # 2701 Hormone use and Total Biological Equivalent Dose (BED) are Associated with Shorter PSA Doubling Times in Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with Radiotherapy who Experience a PSA Failure

Presenter: Blacksburg, Seth

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Contact the presenter at: seth.blacksburg@mountsinai.org

S. R. Blacksburg, C. A. Peters, N. N. Stone, J. A. Cesaretti, R. G. Stock, Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York, NY

Author Disclosure:
 S.R. Blacksburg, None; C.A. Peters, None; N.N. Stone, Prologics LLC, E. Ownership Interest; Nihon MediPhysics, F. Consultant/Advisory Board; J.A. Cesaretti, CR Bard Lecturer, G. Other; R.G. Stock, CR Bard Lecturer, G. Other.

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