Abstract # 2566 A Retrospective Evaluation of Radiation Therapy Treatment Patterns among Medicare Enrollees with Head and Neck Cancer

Presenter: Mehta, Vivek

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M. D. Fesinmeyer1, V. Mehta2, D. K. Blough3, R. L. Barron4, S. D. Ramsey1, 1Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA, 2Swedish Cancer Institute, Seattle, WA, 3University of Washington Department of Pharmacy, Seattle, WA, 4Amgen, Inc., Global Health Economics, Thousand Oaks, CA

Author Disclosure:
  M.D. Fesinmeyer, Amgen, Inc., G. Other; V. Mehta, None; D.K. Blough, None; R.L. Barron, Amgen, Inc., A. Employment; S.D. Ramsey, None.

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