Abstract # 2518 Atlas Based Auto-segmentation of CT Images: Clinical Evaluation of using Auto-contouring in High-dose, High-precision Radiotherapy of Cancer in the Head and Neck

Presenter: Levendag, Peter

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P. C. Levendag1, M. Hoogeman1, D. Teguh1, T. Wolf2, L. Hibbard2, O. Wijers3, B. Heijmen1, P. Nowak1, E. Vasquez-Osorio1, X. Han2, 1Erasmus MC/Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center, Rotterdam 3075 EA, Netherlands, 2CMS, St Louis, MO, 3Radiotherapeutic Institute Friesland, Leeuwaarden, Netherlands

Author Disclosure:
 P.C. Levendag, None; M. Hoogeman, None; D. Teguh, None; T. Wolf, None; L. Hibbard, None; O. Wijers, None; B. Heijmen, None; P. Nowak, None; E. Vasquez-Osorio, None; X. Han, None.

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