Abstract # 2438 Volumetric Arc Therapy (VMAT) Reduces Treatment Time Compared to Conventional IMRT (cIMRT) While Maintaining Similar Plan Quality in Whole Pelvic Gynecologic Radiotherapy

Presenter: Alexander, Abraham

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A. S. Alexander1, D. Wells1, T. Berrang1, C. Parsons2, A. Mydin1, R. Shaffer2, F. Wong2, D. Sayers1, K. Otto2, 1BC Cancer Agency, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Author Disclosure:
 A.S. Alexander, None; D. Wells, None; T. Berrang, None; C. Parsons, None; A. Mydin, None; R. Shaffer, None; F. Wong, None; D. Sayers, None; K. Otto, Varian Inc has in part funded this research, B. Research Grant.

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Volumetric Arc Therapy (VMAT) for Post-Operative Uterine Cancer Radiotherapy:

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