Abstract # 2418 Bladder Filling Status Strongly Influences Target Volume Changes in Post-hysterectomy Patients Treated with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for Gynecologic Cancers

Presenter: Thawani, Nitika

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N. Thawani, S. Mutyala, A. Lukaj, R. Burlace, C. Patterson, J. Lee, J. Rossinow, S. Kalnicki, R. Yaparpalvi, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Montefiore Medical Centre, Bronx, NY

Author Disclosure:
 N. Thawani, None; S. Mutyala, None; A. Lukaj, None; R. Burlace, None; C. Patterson, None; J. Lee, None; J. Rossinow, None; S. Kalnicki, None; R. Yaparpalvi, None.

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