Abstract # 2324 Comparing the Performance of CBCT during Radiotherapy to the Prostate Gland and Prostate Bed

Presenter: Chan, Kitty

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About the Presenter:
Kitty is a Radiation Therapist at Princess Margaret Hospital since 2006. Since September 2007, she has taken on a Research Therapist position and involved with GU research at the institution. Her other areas of research includes Patient Education and Patient Wait Time.

K. Y. Chan, T. Craig, V. Kong, W. Li, E. Ng, A. Petrovska, M. Wong, A. Bayley, P. Chung, C. Mnard, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada

Author Disclosure:
K.Y. Chan, None;T. Craig, None;V. Kong, None;W. Li, None;E. Ng, None;A. Petrovska, None;M. Wong, None;A. Bayley, None;P. Chung, None;C. Mnard, None.

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