Abstract # 2282 Biochemical Relapse-free Survival in Patients with High-risk Prostate Cancer Treated with External Beam Radiotherapy, Permanent Seed Implant Monotherapy or Radical Prostatectomy

Presenter: Ciezki, Jay

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J. P. Ciezki1, S. A. Koyfman1, C. A. Reddy1, K. W. Angermeier1, J. Ulchaker1, N. Chehade2, A. Altman2, E. A. Klein1, 1Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH, 2Kaiser Permanente, Cleveland, OH

Author Disclosure:
 J.P. Ciezki, None; S.A. Koyfman, None; C.A. Reddy, None; K.W. Angermeier, None; J. Ulchaker, None; N. Chehade, None; A. Altman, None; E.A. Klein, None.

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