Abstract # 2260 Biochemical and Functional Outcomes Following Brachytherapy in Men Less than or Equal to 50 Years of Age with Clinically Organ-confined Prostate Cancer

Presenter: Galbreath, Robert

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R. W. Galbreath1, G. S. Merrick1, K. E. Wallner2, W. E. Butler1, Z. A. Allen1, J. H. Lief1,3, E. Adamovich4, 1Schiffler Cancer Center, Wheeling, WV, 2Puget Sound Healthcare Corporation, Seattle, WA, 3Wheeling Jesuit University, Wheeling, WV, 4Wheeling Hospital, Dept of Pathology, Wheeling, WV

Author Disclosure:
 R.W. Galbreath, None; G.S. Merrick, None; K.E. Wallner, None; W.E. Butler, None; Z.A. Allen, None; J.H. Lief, None; E. Adamovich, None.

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