Abstract # 2092 An Updated Comparison of Early Complications for Patients with Convexity and Parasagittal Meningioma Treated with either Stereotactic Radiosurgery or Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy

Presenter: Girvigian, Michael

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About the Presenter:
Michael R. Girvigian, M.D. is a radiation oncologist at the Kaiser Permanente Foundation Hopsitals Los Angeles Medical Center, specializing in general and central nervous system radiation oncology. Dr. Girvigian is the co-manager of the stereotactic radiosurgery and fracionated stereotactic radiotherapy program for Southern California Kaiser Permanente, along with Dr. Joseph Chen and Dr. Michael Miller.

M. R. Girvigian1, T. C. Ling2, J. C. T. Chen1, M. J. Miller1, J. Rahimian1, M. Tome1, 1Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center and the Southern California Permanente Medical Group, Los Angeles, CA, 2Saint Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

Author Disclosure:
 M.R. Girvigian, None; T.C. Ling, None; J.C.T. Chen, None; M.J. Miller, None; J. Rahimian, None; M. Tome, None.

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