Abstract # 2066 Are Patients with Triple Negative Breast Cancer Appropriately Treated with Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI)?

Presenter: Mohideen, Najeeb

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N. Mohideen1, S. S. Nigh1, P. A. Lobo1, M. S. Baggia1, M. R. Kinney1, R. H. Aki1, R. P. Regan1, S. S. Lo2, 1Northwest Community Hospital, Arlington Heights, IL, 2Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital, OSUMC, Columbus, OH

Author Disclosure:
 N. Mohideen, None; S.S. Nigh, None; P.A. Lobo, None; M.S. Baggia, None; M.R. Kinney, None; R.H. Aki, None; R.P. Regan, None; S.S. Lo, None.

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