Abstract # 2049 Adjuvant Prophylactic Mammary Irradiation with Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation as an Alternative to Whole Breast Irradiation: A Novel Preventive Strategy with Decreased Risks of Radiation-induced Cancers and Cardiac Toxicity

Presenter: Russo, Sandra

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S. A. Russo1, C. S. Wuu1, I. Shuryak1,2, Y. Xu1, C. D. Elliston1,2, D. J. Brenner1,2, 1Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Department of Radiation Oncology, New York, NY, 2Center for Radiological Research, New York, NY

Author Disclosure:
 S.A. Russo, None; C.S. Wuu, None; I. Shuryak, None; Y. Xu, None; C.D. Elliston, None; D.J. Brenner, None.

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