Abstract # 2036 Delayed Early Reaction after Adjuvant Whole Breast Radiotherapy at the Dose of 42.9 Gy in 13 Fractions Over 5 Weeks: The Need of Rapid Post Irradiation Clinics

Presenter: Botti, Muriel

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M. Botti1, Y. M. Kirova1, R. Dendale1, A. Savignoni2, I. Fromantin2, C. Gautier2, M. A. Bollet1, F. Campana1, A. Fourquet1, 1Radiation Oncology, Institut Curie, Paris, France, 2Institut Curie, Paris, France

Author Disclosure:
 M. Botti, None; Y.M. Kirova, None; R. Dendale, None; A. Savignoni, None; I. Fromantin, None; C. Gautier, None; M.A. Bollet, None; F. Campana, None; A. Fourquet, None.

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