Abstract # 2030 Partial Breast Brachytherapy Utilizing the Single-entry, Multicatheter SAVI Device in Patients with less than 7mm Skin-to-Cavity Distance: Favorable Acute Skin Toxicity Outcomes from a Phase II Trial

Presenter: Cross, Chaundre

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C. Cross1, A. Brown2, P. Escobar3, W. Kokal4, C. Mantz2, 121st Century Oncology, Naples, FL, 221st Century Oncology, Fort Myers, FL, 3Florida Gynecology Oncology, Fort Myers, FL, 4Suncoast Surgical Associates, Fort Myers, FL

Author Disclosure:
 C. Cross, None; A. Brown, None; P. Escobar, None; W. Kokal, None; C. Mantz, None.

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