Abstract # 2010 Can 3D Ultrasound Contribute to the Planning CT to Define the Target for Partial Breast Radiotherapy?

Presenter: Berrang, Tanya

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T. Berrang1,2, P. Truong1,2, C. Popescu1, L. Drever1, H. Kader1,2, M. Hilts1, M. Tracy1, S. Soh1, L. Sands1, I. Olivotto1,2, 1British Columbia Cancer Agency, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2University of British Columbia, Victoria, BC, Canada

Author Disclosure:
 T. Berrang, None; P. Truong, None; C. Popescu, None; L. Drever, None; H. Kader, None; M. Hilts, None; M. Tracy, None; S. Soh, None; L. Sands, None; I. Olivotto, None.

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