Abstract # 1037 A Randomized Phase II Study of Cisplatin/5-FU Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy for Esophageal Cancer: Short-term Infusion versus Protracted Infusion Chemotherapy (KROSG-0101, JROSG-021)

Presenter: Nishimura, Yasumasa

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Y. Nishimura1, M. Mitsumori2, M. Hiraoka2, R. Koike1, K. Nakamatsu1, M. Kawamura3, Y. Negoro4, K. Fujiwara5, H. Sakurai6, N. Mitsuhashi7, 1Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Kinki University School of Medicine, Osaka 589-8511, Japan, 2Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan, 3Nara Social Insurance Hospital, Yamato-Koriyama, Japan, 4Fukui Red Cross Hospital, Fukui, Japan, 5National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center, Kyoto, Japan, 6Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine, Maebashi, Japan, 7Tokyo Women's Medical University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

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