Abstract # 2728 Chemotherapy and Dose-adapted Radiotherapy (RT) for Central Nervous System (CNS) Germinoma: Long Term Follow-up of the Mayo Clinic Experience

Presenter: Jensen, Ashley

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Treatment of CNS germinoma with chemotherapy and dose-reduced local RT resulted in 100% overall survival and 93% recurrence-free survival after a median follow-up of 7 y. Two of 17 patients (12%) treated with limited RT fields experienced local failure but were successfully salvaged. Patients with multiple midline tumors or brain parenchyma invasion may be at higher risk for recurrence.


>Author Disclosure: A.W. Jensen, None; N.N.I. Laack, None; J.C. Buckner, None; P.J. Schomberg, None; C.J. Wetmore, None; P.D. Brown, None.



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