Abstract # 2303 A Pretreatment PSA Level of 7 to 10 Ng/ml is an Independent Predictor of Adverse Biochemical Disease Free Survival among Low Risk Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with I-125 Brachytherapy

Presenter: Cesaretti, Jamie

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Patients with low‐risk prostate cancer and a PSA of 7.0 or less have an excellent bDFS outcome when treated with brachytherapy monotherapy. There appears to be a substantial subset of patients within the low‐risk group with PSAs between 7.01 and 10.0 (153/597, 26%) who warrant independent prognostic consideration. These patients may benefit from radiation dose intensification strategies (combined external beam therapy) and/or an additional extent of localized disease evaluation at time of diagnosis (endorectal MRI and/or saturation biopsies).

Author Disclosure: J.A. Cesaretti, C.R.BARD, D. Speakers Bureau/Honoraria; N.N. Stone, Prologics Inc., E. Ownership Interest; J. Kao, None; R.G. Stock, None.