Abstract # 2271 Long term Outcomes for Patients with Gleason Scores 8-10 Prostate Cancer Treated with Combination Brachytherapy, External Beam Irradiation and Hormonal Therapy

Presenter: Stock, Richard

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10 year biochemical control rates following prostatectomy for patients with Gleason scores 8‐10 are consistently in the 35‐40% range. Combined brachytherapy, hormonal therapy, and external beam appears to provide markedly improved biochemical control rates. These outcomes along with the biopsy results and observed dose response highlight the importance of local control in the treatment of high grade prostate cancer. Patients failing this regimen have a high likely hood of developing clinical metastastic disease and should be treated aggressively following biochemical recurrence.

Author Disclosure: R.G. Stock, None; J.A. Cesaretti, BARD, F. Consultant/Advisory Board; J. Yeh, None; N.N. Stone, Prologics, E. Ownership Interest.