Abstract # 1068 In Vivo Verification of Dose Delivery to Prostate Cancer by Utilizing PET/CT Images Taken after Proton Therapy

Presenter: Lin, Liyong

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The activation of pelvic fat provides a surrogate for the position of prostate, bladder wall, and rectal wall during proton treatment. Similiarly, proton beam path may be reproduced by the activated pelvic bone and subcutaneous fat. When applied together, this novel methodololgy provides the framework for in vivo dose verification.

Author Disclosure: L. Lin, None; W. Hsi, None; D. Indelicato, None; C. Vargas, None; S. Flampouri, None; R. Slopesema, None; S.R. Keole, None; Z. Li, None; D. Yeung, None; J.R. Palta, None.