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Physics - 1000 series

1068: In Vivo Verification of Dose Delivery to Prostate Cancer by Utilizing PET/CT Images Taken after Proton Therapy
Lin, Liyong Click abstract title to view poster
1069: Lung Biomechanical Modeling Based on Hyperpolarized Helium-3 MRI Tagging and Lobar Segmentation
Cai, Jing Click abstract title to view poster
1070: Neutron does Equivalent Measurement for Typical Cranial and Spinal Treatments at MD Anderson Proton Treatment Center
Wang, Xin Click abstract title to view poster
1071: The Feasibility of Comprehensive IMRT Verification using Novel 3D Dosimetry Techniques Compatible with the RPC Head and Neck Phantom
Oldham, Mark Click abstract title to view poster
1072: Is it Time to Include Imaging Doses in the Reportable Total Radiation Doses of Radiotherapy Patients?
Ding, George Click abstract title to view poster
1073: Quantification of Early, Intermediate and Late Volumetric and Metabolic Response during Fractionated Radiation Therapy for non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma
Keller, Harald
1074: Prostate Displacement during and After Transabdominal Ultrasound (US) Guidance, Monitored by a Real-time Tracking System
Salter, Bill
1075: Cone Beam CT Image Guidance Strategies in Non-breath Hold Stereotactic Liver Radiotherapy
Case, Robert Click abstract title to view poster
1076: Videocoaching as Biofeedback Tool to Improve Gated Radiotherapy of Breast Cancer: Experiences after 2 Years of Clinical Use
Cossmann, Peter
1077: Simultaneous Segmentation of Bladder and Prostate using Globally Optimal 3-D Graph Search Method
Song, Qi Click abstract title to view poster
1078: Computer-assisted, Atlas-based Segmentation for Target Volume Delineation in Whole Pelvic IMRT for Prostate Cancer
Pejavar, Sunanda
1079: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Guided Tumor Dose Boost in Prostate Brachytherapy
Jia, Guang Click abstract title to view poster
1080: Accumulated Treatment Dose for Image Guided Liver Radiotherapy using Deformable Registration of 4D Cone Beam CT
Velec, Michael Click abstract title to view poster
1081: Tumor Position and Shape Variability in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Over the Course of Radiotherapy Assessed with Implanted Gold Markers
Sonke, Jan-Jakob
1082: Tumor Control Probability Predictions for Adaptive Radiotherapy to Hypoxic Tumors
Fan, Jiajin